Australian Apprenticeship Support Loans (AASL)

Are you eligible?

A ‘qualifying apprenticeship’ is an apprenticeship through which a person is undertaking a qualification: 

  • at level 3 (Certificate III), level 4 (Certificate IV), level 5 (Diploma) or level 6 (Advanced Diploma) in the Australian Qualifications Framework; 
  • that is included on the National Register (; and 
  • leading to an occupation specified on the Australian Apprenticeship Priority List (PDF)

Full-time, part-time and school based Australian Apprentices and Trainees (collectively known as ‘apprentices’) can access the loan. 

How much can I borrow?

You choose how much money to borrow with an Australian Apprenticeship Support Loan (remember all loans must be paid back). You can borrow a small amount for a few months or get payments for up to four years of your apprenticeship, with a limit of $24,492.

The loan is paid to you monthly, based on how much you borrow:

  • $816.41 per month in the first year of your apprenticeship.
  • $612.31 per month in the second year.
  • $408.20 per month in the third year.
  • $204.10 per month in the fourth year.

The amounts are higher in the early years to make up for lower wages. Payments are made monthly after the month ends. Apprentices apply and can choose to receive payments every six months for the next six months. 

What can I spend the loan on?

Since it’s your loan, you get to decide how to use the money. You could use it for living costs, to buy tools or gear for work, or save it for a car. Just keep in mind, you’ll need to repay the loan later on.

How do I pay the loan back?

You’ll begin repaying your Australian Apprenticeship Support Loan once you earn over $51,550 (starting July 1, 2023). Repayments are taken out of your income tax, similar to a university HELP loan.

If you want to pay back your loan before that, you should get in touch with the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

How do I get an Australian Apprenticeship Support Loan?

Call us or get in touch with the local provider who enrolled you in your apprenticeship. We’ll guide you (and your parent or guardian, if you’re under 18) through all the details of the loan program. This includes what documents you need for your application, like identification and proof of residency.

How to opt-in for an Australian Apprenticeship Support Loan through ADMS

You can fill out your Australian Apprenticeship Support Loan Opt-In forms using the Federal Government’s Apprenticeships Data Management System (ADMS). If you’re already using the AASL, you’ll get an Opt-In process that you need to complete to keep getting payments. ADMS will send you a notification when you have a form to fill out.

If you haven’t used ADMS before, you’ll need to log in through MyGov. Below are some instructions to help you access the system. To log in, you’ll need your USI or apprentice ID.

For more details, visit the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations: Guide to Australian Apprenticeship Support Loans.

Helpful Information for setting up your access to ADMS:

Watch video below or to find out more: ADMS Information Sheet for Apprentices (PDF).

How to confirm your identity in ADMS (PDF).

Troubleshooting identity confirmation (PDF).

Visit Australian Apprenticeships to determine to apply for the New Energy Payment or contact us today to discuss. Call 1300 052 218 or email

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