First Nations Apprenticeship and Traineeship Services

ITEC Employment delivers the Australian Apprenticeship Support Services as a First Nations Specialist in the Cairns region, Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) and the Torres Strait.  “We are here to support you throughout your apprenticeship journey, from start to finish, ensuring your success every step of the way.

What is an Apprenticeship / Traineeship?

An apprenticeship or traineeship provides a fantastic opportunity for you to earn while you learn. Download our Induction Guide to find out more!

How we can help you

We’ll help you

• understand your situation and needs

• build your confidence and inspire you to take action

• overcome any barriers

• improve your skills, and help you find a job you enjoy

We’ll make sure you

• understand what an apprenticeship is and how it works

• help you and your employer sign the training contract

•apply for and claim financial support (where eligible)

•have your uniform, transport, tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) organised before starting work • have regular progress check-ins to find out if you need additional support.

Call or email us today so you can start your journey towards your new apprenticeship!

How we work with you

Getting to know you

We start by understanding your unique situation and goals, and finding out what your skills, abilities, and interests are.

Planning & goal setting

We’ll explore different job and training options and set realistic goals. Together, we’ll find an apprenticeship to help you achieve your goals.

Getting ready to work

We’ll make sure you have your uniform, transport, tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) organised before starting work. We’ll help you to understand your work and training schedule, and workplace expectations.

In-job support We’ll provide support to meet your needs and those of your employer to help you keep your job. We’ll have regular catchups to talk about progress and to identify any needs or challenges, and to celebrate your achievements. Our goal is to make sure you succeed and stay employed.

What type of job can I do with an Apprenticeship or Traineeship?

With over 500 different types of jobs to choose from there’s sure to be one that suits you! Some of these include administration and business, farming, building and construction, hospitality, conservation and land management, mining, community services, manufacturing, automotive, and many more! Contact us today to find one for you!

AASS website Apprenticeship options

Induction Guide for Apprentices & Trainees

An apprenticeship or traineeship can be a thrilling job opportunity! There are lots of job paths to explore, such as construction, business, farming, construction, design, animal care, and much more! Find out how it can help you, download the Induction Guide today!

Supporting Documents:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for an Apprenticeship or Traineeship?

You need to be:

  • Of working age
  • An Australian citizen
  • A permanent resident

The minimum age for school-based apprenticeships or traineeships depends on the type of industry. Contact us to find out more.   

How long will an Apprenticeship or Traineeship take?

The duration varies by job type, but generally, a traineeship takes between 12-24 months, while an apprenticeship takes around 36-48 months. Remember you are paid during this time! Contact us to find out more.

What do I get from an Apprenticeship or Traineeship?
  • Receive paid work combined with structured training
  • All equipment and licences required for your apprenticeship
  • Get practical hands-on training in a job of your choice
  • Gain formal recognition of your skills and experience
  • Get a nationally recognised qualification
  • Have a stepping stone to higher education
  • Choose your training provider with your employer
Who is involved in an Apprenticeship or Traineeship?

Host Employer

As an employer of your apprentices and trainees, we support you with our management services. 


This could be a new employee entering the industry or perhaps you have an existing worker who wants to undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship.


Any natural parent, adoptive parent, resource family parent, stepparent, paramour of a parent, or any person, who has assumed responsibility for the care, custody, or control of a child or upon whom there is a legal duty for such care. 

Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

This organisation will deliver the training, conduct assessments, and issue the nationally recognised qualification upon completion of the apprenticeship or traineeship. Training may occur on the job or off-site.

State Training Authority (STA)

The Queensland State Government is the body responsible for registering the National Training Contract. Any changes to the National Training Contract must be approved by the Queensland State Government.

For more information: Apprenticeships and traineeships | Department of Employment, Small Business and Training ( 

To find out more speak with an ITEC representative on 1300 052 218 or email

What protection is in place for me during my Apprenticeship?

Both you and your employer sign a training contract that clearly outlines your responsibilities. If you believe your employer is not meeting their obligations, contact your Apprenticeship Consultant or reach out to us for the necessary information and support.

What can I earn as an Apprentice or Trainee?

You are entitled to receive a fair wage, and a list of awards will show what you can earn. The award will give you information about:

  • Base rates
  • Overtime and penalty rates
  • Work arrangements
  • Superannuation
  • Salary arrangements
  • And so much more.
Can I get financial assistance whilst doing an apprenticeship or traineeship?

To help you mange the cost of living during your apprenticeship, there are various financial support options available. We’ll help you identify the support you can access and guide you through the application process.

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