MY CDP is a joint venture between Yugal Mangi Aboriginal Development Corporation and ITEC Employment. MY CDP offers support in training and employment pathways in one of the most remote areas of Central Australia. By engaging the traditional owners, local community and employers, the program aims to build local capacity and transform lives. MY CDP focuses on helping First Nations people get the skills they need to get the job they wan

The Community Development Program (CDP) is an Australian Government remote employment and community development service administered by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA).

As part of the contract delivery ITEC Employment provides services to compliment the high standard of CDP contract delivery including

  • Management Services
  • Contract Compliance and Outcome Management
  • Information Security and Cyber Security

Job Vacancies

If your organisation is struggling to fill positions. No stress: we can advertise around community and find the best qualified staff.

Got an idea?

We are always open to concepts that benefit community. Your ideas could be the next big community project or activity.

Join our Efforts

Form a partnership with MyCDP and become a Host. You can contribute through supervision or as a program advocate.

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For more information on My CDP visit :

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